Teleworking is becoming an increasingly popular employment option, especially in the context of modern technological advances and changes in the understanding of the work environment. One of the most attractive destinations for this lifestyle is Bali - this exotic tropical island in Indonesia has attracted the attention of many remote workers in recent years, and this is no coincidence.

Is moving to Bali possible?

The advantages of working remotely in Bali are quite obvious. Let's start with climate and nature. The island is famous for its warm tropical climate, palm trees, beaches and amazing sunsets. This creates the perfect environment for work and play, providing inspiration and peace of mind that can be the perfect foundation for increased productivity and quality of work. In addition, the presence of excellent places for sports and yoga contributes to maintaining a balance between physical and mental health.

An important factor for many remote workers is also the low cost of living in Bali compared to European countries. This allows you to improve the quality of life, rent comfortable housing and enjoy local cuisine without serious financial burdens. Moreover, the variety of cafes and co-working spaces creates excellent opportunities for networking with other professionals and entrepreneurs, which can play an important role in the development of business contacts and ideas.

The speed of the Internet connection also plays an important role when choosing a place for remote work. It is quite possible to get good internet speeds in Bali. It should also be taken into account that the network infrastructure here is constantly being improved, and the quality of the Internet connection continues to grow.

You need to understand that tourist Bali is constantly being improved in the direction of comfort for visitors and their well-being. Indonesia is trying to make itself as attractive as possible to remote workers, who, in turn, make a permanent contribution to the country's economy.

What to consider if you are planning a telecommuting in Bali?

As we have already found out, there are enough pluses for work in Bali. The island, in fact, keeps its inhabitant in a constant tone, not letting them get bored. Most likely, on the paradise Indonesian island, you will become less likely to burn out, and your performance indicators will increase significantly due to quality rest. And yet, what should be considered when moving?

Time Zones. The difference between Europe and Bali is big. If you work for a foreign company, you will either have to negotiate with your superiors or adapt your schedule to the new time zone.

Visa regime and legal status. We have already discussed this issue in detail in our other article. And briefly, we note that you can get a visa to Bali immediately upon arrival, then it can be extended for a month. Just as importantly, the regular tourist visa is renewed each time you travel outside the country. And for those who are financed, there is always the opportunity to naturalize.

Financial aspects. Moving requires certain financial costs. It is necessary to calculate the budget for housing, food, medical insurance, transportation and other expenses. It should be understood that life in Bali can be quite cheap if you calculate your budget correctly. By the way, Baliving will easily help you find the best quality accommodation at the best price, directly from the landlord.

Language barrier and knowledge of culture. English is one of the keys to a quiet life in Bali, as most of the local businesses are geared towards tourists. Knowledge of local customs and cultural trends will not hurt either. So you will not only diversify your pastime on the island, but it will also be easier for you to make contact with the locals.

Psychological control. The first time in a new country can be quite difficult. In order to make life in Bali even more comfortable, it is worth including in your social circle not only the bearers of local culture and visitors from other countries, but also compatriots. People of their native culture will help you adapt and will be able to share important experiences with you, especially if they have been in Bali for a long time.

Health care and insurance. Ensuring good medical insurance against illness and accidents is very important. Keep in mind that without this, treatment can cost a significant amount of money. It is better to insure in advance and prevent all possible risks.

The final choice of working remotely in Bali depends on your personal goals, circumstances and readiness to adapt. The island provides a unique opportunity to combine work and life in a tropical paradise, but requires careful planning and adaptation to the new environment.

Is moving to Bali possible?

By scouring the internet, you will find hundreds of stories from people who have easily moved to Bali. Now the island attracts remote workers from all over the world: among them are marketers, designers, IT specialists, lawyers, psychologists and people of many other professions.

Happy inhabitants of the paradise island easily find housing, work, arrange children in regular schools and develop themselves physically and spiritually. But how do they achieve this?

First of all, they develop a plan for the move. It includes choosing a visa, choosing an area of residence and housing, coordinating a move with an employer, or finding a new job that is directly related to the island of Bali.

Then the process of adaptation takes place, which includes the search for new contacts and acquaintances on the island, and the development of a new regime, and the creation of a regime of work and rest. After all, you see, it seems extremely tempting to stay permanently on the island of Bali.

Remember that your individual success story begins with a decision. Do not stop there, plan your future, dream, and your dream move will come true. And Baliving will help you find the home of your dreams, which will provide you with comfort and significant savings for many months.

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