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You probably noticed that in Bali there is not only a single skyscraper, but not even a ten-story building. It is difficult to find any information on the Internet about what this is connected with. Today we will try to understand the issues of number of floors on a fairy-tale island.

Why don't they build more than four floors in Bali?

Prohibition on building higher than coconut trees

This interesting practice in Bali has roots in Balinese Hinduism. Coconut trees in Bali are considered sacred and symbolize life and fertility. The generally accepted length of a coconut tree here is 15 meters. Building houses above this level is seen as violating the sacred connection with nature. Moreover, many Balinese believe that building houses higher than 15 meters could bring the wrath of the gods on the island.

Recently, the whole world watched an interesting story related to the elite complex Trump International Hotel and Tower Bali. American businessman and ex-President Donald Trump decided to build a high tower on the territory of his luxury hotel. Then Balinese society became very worried, precisely because of the violation of a religious prohibition.
Traditional building style

The Balinese have great respect for their culture and architectural heritage. One important aspect of Balinese culture is the traditional building style. Traditional Balinese houses are known as "rasa" and have low roofs and open surfaces. This style of construction combines elements of Balinese religious philosophy and the climatic features of the island.

Low-slung Balinese houses often feature charming designs using traditional elements such as wood and bamboo. This unique style has become one of the symbols of the island and attracts many tourists and artists who find inspiration for their projects in this architecture.
Climatic conditions

Bali has a tropical climate with high humidity and occasional heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. Low houses with roofs designed to keep out the sun and rain are more suitable for these climates. This allows the Balinese to live comfortably and avoid overheating on hot days and flooding during the rainy season.
Preservation of natural beauty

Bali is famous for its amazing natural beauty, and the Balinese place great emphasis on preserving the environment. Low houses provide a more harmonious interaction with nature, as they interfere less with the landscape and do not create massive structures that clutter the natural environment.
We can summarize briefly: low houses in Bali are the result of a combination of traditional cultural, religious and climatic factors. They reflect the island's rich heritage and help preserve its unique natural beauty.

Are there houses in Bali with more than four floors?

To begin with, we should make a reservation. In fact, Bali's fifteen-meter limit can accommodate houses four stories high. But houses four stories high are rare here. This is connected with another Bali tradition - the fear of the number 4. It is considered unlucky here.

To get around the restriction, some hotels and entertainment complexes in Bali may build additional floors underground. This clever invention makes it possible to provide more places to accommodate guests without exceeding the existing ban.

And yet, in Bali you can find houses taller than four floors. Before the law prohibiting construction above the level of coconut trees was introduced, several buildings were built in Bali that exceed this level. These buildings generally date from the pre-restriction period. However, such cases are extremely rare and are not typical for the modern architecture of the island.

What tall buildings can you find on the island?

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Bali

This hotel is located in the Nusa Dua area in the south of the island and is one of the few buildings that exceed four floors in Bali. This luxury hotel has several floors and offers high-quality accommodation and amenities for tourists.
Trans Resort Bali

Another outstanding building in Bali is the Trans Resort, which is also located in the Nusa Dua area. This resort hotel has several floors and offers a wide range of services, including restaurants, swimming pools and a spa.
The Mulia Resort

Located in the Nusa Dua area, The Mulia Resort is a luxury complex comprising several tall buildings. This resort offers exclusive accommodations, luxurious pools and beach access.
Ayana Resort and Spa

Also located in Nusa Dua, Ayana Resort and Spa has several tall buildings providing magnificent views of the sea. This resort is famous for its restaurants, spas and nightlife.
Despite the fact that in Bali there is a limit on the number of floors of houses, the island is constantly developing and, rest assured, it is only getting better every year. The restriction helps Bali maintain its identity and not become an island metropolis.

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