It is quite obvious to a modern tourist that Bali is an island, an integral part of which is luxurious nature. Today we will take a closer look at its inhabitants - amazing animals that you can meet in nature reserves, zoos, or even just walking around the island.

Bali mongoose

Where to find: Countryside, Bali Safari Park

Bali mongooses are small carnivorous mammals that live on the island of Bali. They have unique features such as light brown coloration with a dark stripe on the back and a long tail. Local residents consider mongooses sacred and protect them.

Flying foxes

Where to find: Right on the streets of Bali, in the monkey forest in Ubud

Bali is famous for its flying foxes, which are also called flying dogs because of their resemblance to four-legged animals. To see this amazing species of animal you don't need to travel through the caves of Bali - here you can find them hanging right on the streets.

Macaque Monkeys

Where to find: Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali is home to different species of macaques. The Ubud Sacred Forest is one of the most popular places to meet these curious creatures. They can be quite fearless and actively ask visitors for food.

Silver Langurs

Where to find: Uluwatu Park, Uluwatu Temple

Another species of primate is the silvery langur, also known as the Balinese macaque. They are exceptionally beautiful inhabitants of the island. They can be seen in different parts of Bali, but are especially easy to observe in the area of Uluwatu Park and Uluwatu Temple. These jungle creatures have silver fur and long tails and have become the symbol of the island.

Tree Gecko

Where to find: In mountainous areas, biosphere reserves

On the island of Bali you can find many species of geckongs, including arboreal ones. These bright and cute lizards are able to change color to blend in with their surroundings, making them virtually invisible. They are active at night and are excellent hunters.

Snake Cobra

Where to find: Zoos, nature reserves

This is one of the island's inhabitants you wouldn't want to meet on the street. Therefore, this can be done in zoos and nature reserves on the island.


Where to find: National parks and forests throughout the island

Bali is famous for its colorful and diverse species of parrots. Finding them in the wild can be difficult. Visit national parks and reserves such as Bali Barat National Park to hear and see a variety of parrots. There are really a lot of them here.

Sea turtles

Where to find: Beaches, Bali Marine Park

Bali is also home to many species of sea turtles. Bali Marine Park provides excellent opportunities to encounter these beautiful creatures. And some tourists also manage to participate in wildlife protection programs in which young turtles are released into the sea.


Where to find: North Coast

On the northern coast of Bali, you can spot dolphins swimming in the open ocean. Lovina Beach is one of the most popular destinations for organized boat trips, where you can observe these intelligent and charming animals in their natural habitat. Many travel companies include the opportunity to interact or swim with dolphins in their tours.

Water Buffaloes (Karbu)

Where to find: Rice fields, villages

Karbu, as water buffalos are called locally, are an integral part of rural life in Bali. They can be seen in the rice fields, where they help with the hard work of cultivating the land. These powerful animals are an important part of Balinese culture and rural economy.

Starfish and cucumbers

Where to find: When snorkeling with fins

Bali is famous for its beautiful underwater beauty, where you can find many amazing sea creatures. As you swim in the sea with a mask and fins, you can observe the colorful starfish and cucumbers that give the island's waters amazing colors and shapes.

Elephantids Sumatran

Where to find: Upati Eco Sanctuary and other nature reserves

Sumatran elephants are a rare species of elephant that lives on the island of Bali. They are a symbol of conservation and conservation on the island. In eco-sanctuaries like Upati, you can observe these majestic animals. They truly amaze with their size and amazing intelligence. You can also leave a donation here to help preserve wildlife on the island.

Animals in the Rice Terraces

Where to find: Rice terraces in the regions of Tegalalang, Jatilyu and others

The Bali Rice Terraces are not only a cultural wonder, but also home to a variety of bird, lizard and insect species. Here you can see, for example, herons and colorful butterflies, creating a unique ecological landscape that complements the beauty of the rice fields. If you decide to see the island's rice terraces, be sure to pay attention to the local fauna.

Bali is a place where the diversity of wildlife surprises and inspires. From tiny lizards to majestic elephants, the island provides unique opportunities to encounter unusual and colorful wildlife. No matter how interested you are in ecology, biology or zoology, Bali promises to leave unforgettable memories of your encounters with these amazing creatures.

Visit nature reserves and zoos in Bali, including with children - it will leave amazing memories. To make it easier to get to them, rent accommodation nearby. This can be done using the Baliving service with a huge selection of housing in all areas of Bali.
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