What is Baliving? The founder of the company Vladimir Smolensky tells

The idea of creating Baliving appeared spontaneously. Then I first came to Bali and ran into a problem when choosing a place to stay for a long time.

What is currently on the housing search market in Bali?

1. Realtors, which are divided into 2 types: conscientious and scammers. When I arrived in the middle of last summer, there were more of the latter. This happened due to the fact that the flow of expats from Russia and neighboring countries has grown significantly. Here an unpleasant situation arose: at least - they will not help you and will be thrown from one person to another, at the maximum - they will deceive you and you will lose money.

2. Booking, AirBnb - everything is clear here, the services are super, but you can't book like that for a long time, and in Bali it's a sin to rent a house for less than 1 month, so my goal was to find a solution for long-term rent.

3. Facebook, Telegram chats - there are more than 100 of them, but the same objects are duplicated everywhere, besides, there are no filters - it's hard to find the right one.

4. Local sites - they are in Indonesian, even the browser cannot translate them.

That's it, there were no other options for finding long-term housing. After tormenting myself for a month with renting a house in Bali and seeing how my friends were worried about the same problem, I realized that this is a free niche and a great idea for a business.

What is Baliving ru?

This is a platform where all the housing options currently available in Bali are collected, and where you can definitely be sure that the landlord will answer you quickly. This is work in one window (either a catalog on the site or a bot), which means down with 100 chats, channels and groups on Facebook. This is a live assistant who is always in touch, will help you find the most suitable accommodation in Bali, answer all questions (for example, on price, amenities), contact landlords, schedule a viewing, help you book and protect against scammers, because he knows the housing market in Bali. Bali 100%. It is also a comprehensive solution: visas, cards, bills, rights, bike and car rental, transfers, etc.
It all started with the fact that I was a way to collect ALL available ads on the Internet on the website and in the Telegram bot, which sends options suitable for your request as soon as they appear on the Internet. At first, we loaded all ads manually. They just sat for days and nights and looked at the pictures, contacted the landlords and entered them into the database. Now everything is set to 90% automatically, so if a year ago we added a maximum of 30-40 options per day, now their number has increased to 300-350.

The most important thing in business is the circle of contacts! When I got excited about the idea of the project, the guys who were involved in marketing, sales and organization of the process were attracted to me. The very idea inspired them, because they, like myself, went through the throes of choosing a rental property in Bali. Where, if not in Bali, the island of freelancers and remote workers, to look for a team among friends? For example, our management team and investors all met on the island!

The team did not grow linearly, I would even say in waves. There were times when there were two of us, and there were times when there were 15 of us. Now the team has 7 people working on the project 24/7, and about ten more are involved in various tasks as needed.

Our key task now is to become the number 1 real estate service in Bali. Here you can rent housing both daily, and monthly, and annual, and you can even buy it. We have affordable housing, and even cheap, but there are also premium options. Our landmark is AirBnb in the Bali market.

We want people who are thinking about how to rent an apartment in Bali to put Booking, Airbnb and Baliving ru on the same level.

Our next point is to enter the market of Thailand and Turkey with a similar offer and justify on it.

If someone asks me what is the secret of the success of the project, I will say that this is a technological solution that solves the basic problem of expats. Not just the basic one - the first one, the one that everyone has! We provide a convenient and fast solution!

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