Do you need a visa to Bali in 2023?

We will answer right away. Yes, you will need a visa to enter Indonesia and, accordingly, the island of Bali. But do not worry: it is very easy to arrange it, and you can do it in several ways at once. Read about them below.

Directly at the Indonesian Consulate

To sign up for registration, you need to leave a request by e-mail. Such a visa can be issued at the consulate in your country for the required period (up to 59 days). Please bring the following documents with you:

1. Passport, which has at least six months left to operate and its copy.

2. Application for a visa.

3. Your 3x4 color photograph.

4. Medical insurance.

5. Bank statement confirming that you have enough money for the trip.

6. Confirmation of accommodation reservation.

7. Copy of the return ticket.

You will also be given an Indonesian health protocol compliance form. Please note that covid restrictions have recently been lifted in Indonesia, but it is still better to clarify separately whether vaccination certificates are required when obtaining a visa.

Apply for e-Tourist Visa e-VOA

You can do this on the website of the Indonesian immigration service. This method of registration helps to obtain a visa permit in advance, which will be pasted into your passport only upon arrival.

For registration, you will need to fill out a form with personal data. They ask about the name, gender, date of birth, place of birth and even nationality. You will also need to indicate the method of arrival in the country, data on the flight and rented accommodation.

You will also need to pay fees (a little more than three thousand in terms of rubles). This can only be done with foreign cards.

Upon arrival at the island, you will need to stand in a short queue. For tourists with an e-visa, it is separate, so everything will be much faster than when obtaining a regular visa on arrival.

Upon arrival in Bali (VOA visa)

To do this, you will need to stand in line with other tourists, and then present all the same documents as at the consulate. The experience of tourists shows that this can be done in a few hours. Such a visa will last 30 days, but it can be extended. Fees are the same as with an e-visa.

How to extend a tourist visa?

This is done through the immigration service, where you need to sign up a week before the expiration of the old visa, if it, of course, allows an extension. If you are a family in Bali, you will have to register everyone separately. You will need to take with you your passport, a copy of its main page and the page with a visa, as well as a return ticket.

In a few days you will have to come again - to pass biometrics. And only then the visa will be issued and you will need to come again for it.

By the way, if you have already made two extensions, you can always leave the territory of Indonesia and return. So the period of stay in Indonesia will be reset.

B211 and B211A visas

A very convenient option, both for tourists and for those who are planning to move to Bali. The B211 visa is issued for business purposes, and the B211A visa is for tourism, family affairs, sports competitions and transit. It is important that both of these visas will be canceled immediately after leaving Indonesia. That is, next time it will have to be drawn up again. But you can extend them for as long as necessary.

In order to obtain such a visa, in addition to other documents, you will have to obtain a special letter of guarantee from the company (in the case of a business trip) or an individual, or a travel agent. This clever system is necessary so that, in case of violation of Indonesian law, your guarantor bears the cost of deportation.

By the way, Baliving offers services, including assistance with obtaining such visas.

Open a multivisa

Probably, you have already noticed that all of the above options involve obtaining a visa for either 30 or 60 days, or are designed for one entry. But what about residency?

Yes, it is quite possible to open a long-term visa. And such a visa is opened in Bali for 2 years. With it, you can get a resident card, the opportunity to open a legal entity, the opportunity to buy a car or bike in your own name and, of course, multiple entry.

Such a visa will cost much more, but it provides more benefits and is perfect for relocators and businessmen. We can also help with obtaining such a visa, as well as give all the necessary advice.

So which visa should you choose?

Depending on the budget, opportunities and goals of the trip, the answer to this question will be different.

Economy options like VOA and e-VOA are suitable for tight budgets and travel purposes. In a month or two, you can have a great vacation in Bali, or get to know the island better and decide to move.

By the way, our service will help you save a lot of time when looking for accommodation in Bali. We will negotiate with landlords, tell you about your potential housing, show it, and even issue a secure prepayment.

But B211 and multivisa are suitable for a long-term stay on the island, but they will also cost much more. If you have a good budget and you know for sure that you want to move to Bali, this option is for you.

As you can see, Indonesia is extremely friendly to tourists and relocators. You can come to the country in many ways, each of which has its pros and cons. But we are convinced that it is worth it anyway: you will fall in love with the fabulous island of Bali even for the shortest weekend.
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