Bali is truly a beautiful island paradise. But even despite this, you may encounter various difficulties here, for which it is better to be prepared. We dedicate this article to all our anxious readers: by following our simple tips, you can prevent most of the dangers that await tourists in Bali.

Don't trust people on social networks

Anyone who has ever planned a trip to Bali knows that there are many offers on social networks for renting a property or a bike. Ads are posted mainly on Facebook and Telegram. And in both cases, unscrupulous landlords may communicate with you.

There are many scammers on the Internet posing as honest agents or sellers. They may post pictures of beautiful villas or bikes, but when you go to the place, what you find is not what you expected.

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Try to use cash

This advice may seem very strange to the uninitiated, so let's analyze the situation in more detail. Firstly, not all places accept credit cards, so cash may be necessary to pay for services, purchases and food. Secondly, it helps to avoid fees that are charged for using a card, especially an international one.

Don't wear revealing clothes

One of the important aspects of the local culture in Bali is respect for religious and traditional values. The locals practice Balinese Hinduism and are truly religious. And even if they do not adhere to a traditional religion, they were raised in a culture where walking around without a T-shirt anywhere other than on the beach is extremely rude. Try to take this into account.

Pay your phone tax for the second month

In Bali, there is a rule that tourists must pay a tax for using the local mobile phone network after the first month of their stay. This tax is usually not very high, but it is required to ensure that your mobile phone continues to function reliably.

If you do not pay this tax after the first month, your connection may be cut off quite suddenly and you will not be able to use the communication service until the tax is paid. To avoid inconveniences associated with disconnected communications, we recommend that you register your phone upon arrival on the island.

Don't drink tap water

It is important to remember that tap water in Bali often does not meet international quality standards. It may contain bacteria and other microorganisms.

Choose a less populated area

When planning a rental property in Bali, consider choosing less populated areas. This can provide you with several benefits:

1. Peace and tranquility
2. Authentic experience
3. Reduced housing prices
4. Amazing nature

Please note that you do not have to stay in Kuta or Seminyak during the tourist season. It will be much cheaper to give preference to less populated areas, for example, Changu.

Try to choose attractions that are less popular with tourists

The island of Bali is known for its beautiful nature, rich culture and many unique attractions. However, many tourists are concentrated around the most famous and popular places, which can lead to large crowds and loss of all interest in the monument you want to visit.

Don't drink too much local alcohol

The island of Bali offers a variety of alcoholic drinks, including local beer, heavenly cocktails and traditional alcoholic drinks such as arakh (palm vodka).

Strength may vary. Local alcoholic drinks may be stronger than you are used to. Therefore, consume them with caution to avoid excessive intoxication.

Quality and safety. It is not always easy to check the quality and origin of local alcohol. Sometimes it may not be filtered enough. Therefore, buy alcohol from reliable sellers and establishments.

Piperine hydrochloride. Many local alcoholic drinks, including arak, contain piperine hydrochloride, which can cause stomach pain and discomfort if consumed in large quantities.

Moderation. As with everything, it is important to drink alcohol in moderation and taking into account the needs of your own body. Be sure to monitor your condition and do not mix different types of alcohol.

Remember that taking care of your own health and safety is always important, especially in a new environment. If you decide to try local alcoholic drinks, do so wisely and in moderation.

Don't drink and drive, follow the traffic rules

Following traffic rules and avoiding drinking alcohol while driving are important aspects of safety in absolutely any country. However, in Bali, where the proximity of nature and the behavior of other tourists often relax visitors to the island, it is especially important to follow the rules of the road. And that's why:

Safety for you and others

Alcohol reduces reaction time, coordination and attention, which can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your abilities.

Fines and punishments

In Indonesia, which includes the island of Bali, driving while intoxicated carries serious penalties, including arrest, heavy fines and loss of license.

Pedestrian safety

Bali is known for its large pedestrian and moped traffic. When driving a car or motorcycle, you are responsible for the safety of pedestrians.

Saving vacation

Violation of the rules may result in sanctions, including deportation.

That's why you definitely need to wear a helmet, don't drink and drive, and also be as respectful as possible of other rules: follow road signs, obey the speed limit, and so on.
We really want your holiday in Bali to be perfect. Try to follow the simple rules that we have given in this list, and you will definitely enjoy the paradise of Bali.
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