In the huge real estate market of Bali, more and more new real estate agencies appear every month. Today we will understand them, discussing the pros and cons of the most popular options.

List of real estate agencies in Bali

Bali Luxury Estate

Specializes in luxury real estate and helps clients find premium villas and mansions in Bali.

This company operates in the segment of the most elite real estate on the island. Its value is often in the millions of dollars.

Of course, it is quite difficult to capitalize such housing, it will pay off for years. Therefore, such property is needed more for personal use.

Seven Stones Indonesia

This is an agency with a focus on the high-end real estate market, providing, among other things, exclusive real estate options.

The company offers real estate, including in the most popular areas of Bali, the cost of buying a home here starts at $ 100,000.

In fact, there is not much housing in Bali. But there is an opportunity not only to acquire, but also to rent real estate.

Exotiq Property

This agency provides services for the purchase, sale and rental of various types of real estate in Bali, including villas, plots and commercial properties.

The range of objects for sale here is wider. Their cost starts from one hundred thousand dollars.

Bali Realty

This is one of the oldest real estate agencies on the island, which offers a wide range of services, including the sale and rental of villas, apartments and land.

The company sells fairly affordable villas. Their cost starts from one hundred thousand dollars. But there are also premium options that are not suitable for everyone.

The company operates in the Seminyak, Sanur and Canggu areas.

Bali Coconut Living

Specializes in real estate in the Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud area, offers options for different budgets and preferences.

Here you can both buy and rent real estate for personal use. You can choose to rent for a month or for a year, which will be extremely useful for relocators.

Bali Home Immo

Specializes in the sale and rental of properties in various areas of the island, including Badung, Kuta and Sanur.

Real estate here is from different price categories. There are both premium and more affordable options. You can select the characteristics of the desired object.

What is the problem with most real estate agencies in Bali?

If you have come across any real estate agency, you must have noticed several difficulties in working with them.

As a rule, the list of problems is as follows:

• High real estate commissions

• A small number of offers (each company collects its own catalog, it is difficult to compare options from different companies)

• Private landlords, who usually have several times less commission, are not represented at all on such platforms

• Language barriers: not all companies work in the language you need

• Most companies offer luxury real estate, or use this and similar terms

• Many companies only offer real estate sales, no rent

Typically, Bali visitors and investors try to get around this with property aggregators like Airbnb or But here, too, there are problems. For example, there is often no long-term rental housing. It is not possible to book for a month or a year.

What does Baliving offer?

Baliving offers the most convenient rental solution in Bali. There are many options for housing, and from different price segments.

Housing prices in Bali are very reasonable. In addition, the service does not take a commission. You pay only for services in the selection of housing. The service itself will offer you the best options, and you just have to choose the one you need

Baliving is also a lot of services in one place. You can not only rent a villa in Bali, but also apply for a visa, rent a bike, open a bank account with the help of our specialists.

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