In one of our previous articles, we have already considered the issue of investing in real estate and land in Bali. You can read this article from the link. Today we will touch on this topic again, discussing the subtleties that need to be considered when choosing a property in Bali.

What property can you buy in Bali?

Bali offers a wide variety of projects for investment and purchase for personal use. But it is worth considering an important feature of the local real estate market: high-rise buildings cannot be built here. If you have already been to Bali, you probably noticed that there are no tall houses and villas here.

That is why Bali is not growing up, but in breadth. There are more and more interesting areas for construction and, accordingly, investments and home purchases. The building density on the island is constantly increasing. However, the number of storeys can be considered as a plus: there are a huge number of cozy houses in which you really want to live.

Villas and houses

Investing in private villas is one of the popular options. Tourists are increasingly choosing to rent villas instead of hotels, which makes this real estate segment very profitable. In our last article about real estate, we already said that it is now popular to invest in old villas with subsequent renovation. This helps to significantly save on the purchase and increase profitability.

Flats and apartments

In the central and most densely populated areas, such as Seminyak and Kuta, you can find many options for apartments and apartments. It is a good choice for those who are looking to invest in property for the purpose of long-term rental or relocation. In addition, this option will provide you with significant savings.


Another interesting opportunity is the purchase of land plots for subsequent construction, or for sale. It is important to note here that the cost of land in Bali is increasing every year. Depending on the area, the cost of the area will vary. But we recommend investing in land in Bukit and the still underdeveloped Canggu.

Steps to help you buy property in Bali

1. Define your goals and budget

The first and most obvious step in choosing a property in Bali is planning. Decide if you are planning to buy a property as an investment for rent, permanent residence or as a second home. Perhaps you even plan to live in Bali for part of the year, and rent it out to tourists for the rest. Your decision will depend on the area in which you settle. We'll talk about this further.

2. Explore different areas

Bali is diverse, and each area has its own characteristics and advantages. It is important to explore the different areas of the island in order to understand which one best suits your expectations. We highly recommend Canggu, Kuta and Seminyak as areas to live. They have more infrastructure, they are, in fact, the center of life on the island.

3. Consider property types

We have already considered what types of real estate you can find in Bali. Try to choose the best option for you.

4. Collaborate with real estate agents

Baliving has many offers for buying a home. We will offer the best requirements for you according to your criteria, tell you about each apartment or villa, offer the best price and make the transaction safe so that you do not have to worry about finding a bona fide seller.

5. Check the legal aspects

It is important to check the status of the land and the project documentation for the property you are about to purchase. Baliving can do it for you. We not only publish verified properties and guarantee their suitability for sale, but also check them against our checklist before a deal.

What should be considered when choosing a property in Bali?


Proximity to beaches, restaurants, shops and tourist centers is a key factor in a successful rental or resale. However, if your investment is long-term, it is better to buy a house in a new area (for example, Bukit, which we have already talked about), and then, as the popularity of the area increases, the price of real estate will increase many times over.

Object state

If you are considering an older property, evaluate its condition and possible renovation costs. Repairs can be much cheaper.

Profit potential

Explore market trends and projected rental yields. Pay attention to seasonal fluctuations, the development of the area in terms of infrastructure. If you correctly invest in a house in Bali, in a few years you will be able to recoup the costs many times over.

Why Baliving?

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