Rental housing guide + checklist
How to choose a decent option and avoid scammers; what to pay attention to
Rental housing procedure

1. Search for housing options on rental websites or through agents. We have more than 700 options on our website and we add new ones every day.

2. Evaluation of proposals and selection of a suitable option. Don't forget to consider the location, price, condition of the property, and rental conditions.

3. Communication with the owner or agent and study of the contract. The contract must specify the rental conditions, terms, price and payment procedure, rules of residence and responsibility of the parties.

4. Viewing the villa, paying the deposit and receiving an invoice.

5. Full payment of rent upon arrival

How to spot fraudulent ads

Fraudulent ads are posted on rental websites and social networks. To avoid scams, pay attention to the following signs:

  • Unreasonably low price for renting housing in popular areas
  • The usage of unnatural, stock images
  • Prepayment requirements

How to avoid rental scams

  • To find out more useful information about the agency or private owner, you can search for the company's representative office on the Internet. This could be a website, a social media page, or a blog. You should also read the reviews of the company's customers and write to those who left them.

  • If you make an advance payment not being in Bali, ask the landlord for the maximum number of documents, reviews, and it is better to have a video call. Or you can send your friend who is on the island to view the villa. You can also use our villa checking service.

  • Never pay a deposit or prepayment without seeing the property in person.
  • Never send money to an anonymous bank account or through systems that do not guarantee security, such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

In general, to avoid scams when renting an accommodation in Bali, you have to be vigilant and check all the information about the property and the owner, as well as choose trusted and reliable rental websites.

How to sign a contract

When signing a rental contract in Bali, the following is important:

  • Make sure that all the rental conditions are specified in the contract. This includes the rental price, rental dates, payment terms, rules of residence, cleaning, etc.
  • Review the contract carefully to make sure it meets your expectations and contains no hidden fees or penalties.
  • When signing a contract, do not be content with photos or scans of documents (passport, other identification documents), always ask for originals and make copies or photos from them
  • If you do not understand any clauses of the contract, contact an agent or a lawyer for help

The link to the contract is at the bottom of the page.

How to safely rent a villa or guest house

  • Make sure you have all the necessary papers, such as rental permit and read the contract carefully
  • Make sure that the villa or guesthouse matches the photos and description on the website
  • Whenever possible, choose in-person verification rather than verification via video cal

What to pay attention to while choosing the accommodation

  • Location: Convenient location close to attractions, shops and restaurants.
  • If there is a construction site and noises nearby
  • Conveniences: availability of necessary furniture and equipment, air conditioning, Internet access, vehicles, etc.
  • Housing condition: check that all devices and equipment are in working condition, as well as the presence of the proper furniture and plumbing.


Before you move in, don't forget to inspect the accommodation and check the following things:

  • Water: check for hot and cold water and water pressure
  • Electricity: Make sure all outlets and lights are working
  • Air conditioning: check that the air conditioning is working and cooling the room
  • Presence of mold/moisture. Check for mold and stains on the walls
  • Security: check that the window bars and the door locks are installed
  • Cleaning: find out about the frequency of cleaning as well as the change of bed linen and towel
  • Condition of the rooms and furniture: visual assessment.
  • Noise from the road/construction sites/animals. Ask about it or use our villa check service.
  • Motorbike and car parking
  • Internet speed: measure through special tests
  • Pool condition
      Check the invoice that you are given when you make a deposit (usually 10-30% of the monthly rent)
      It should include the following:

      1. Name and surname of the person who makes the deposit
      2. Deposit amount
      3. How much you have left to pay for the rent (usually paid upon arrival)
      4. Date of deposit
      5. Date of check-in and check-out
      6. Stamp with signature

      You can also ask for:
      - villa address
      - owner's phone number

      Samples of paper and electronic invoices:
      Good luck with the search and have a good rest!

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