Secure accommodation booking in Bali

We guarantee the prepayment refund in case any problems arise
How does it work?

1. You choose accommodation on the website

2. Text to the landlord in the messenger that you are ready to make a prepayment through Baliving.Garant

3. You pay through the bank account details in any convenient currency. In your personal account you will see the deposit paid, the name of the villa, date of arrival, contact details and the information about the villa.

The landlord sees the same information in their personal account

4. The landlord writes an invoice that the villa is really booked and sends it to you.

5. As soon as you arrive at the property, you check that the photo and the description match, confirm this and we transfer the money to the landlord.

6. If the information about the housing was not reliable, we transfer the money back to the tenant.

7. If you don't arrive on the arranged date and have not agreed with the landlord on another date, we transfer the amount to the landlord.

Our commission is 10% of the prepayment amount
Why it is beneficial for the landlord

- Many potential customers do not transfer prepayments in fear to be deceived. With us, you are guaranteed to receive an advance payment.
Why is it beneficial for the tenant

- The housing is taken very quickly, so it is important to be the first to book the perfect option for yourself and make an advance payment.

- How can you remotely determine whether it is a scammer or an owner? There's no way to do it! We are your assurance that the money will be spent on the prepayment of the housing in Bali.
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