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Reviews about Baliving
  • Alisa Lukshina
    TG @alisalukshina
    Huge thanks to the service Baliving!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 For a cool system that helps to quickly and efficiently find accommodation! *About a month was searching in vain - I drove around the island, asked in all the local chats, looked at marketplaces, and when I went completely crazy)))) friend recommended me this site, where immediately (! !on the deadline day) on the first try I was able to contact the best offer, look at it right away, pick it up, and we are already moving in tomorrow:)❤️🙏🏻💫
    Would recommend you!
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  • DeepBunny
    TG @pavelleonov
    Very satisfied with the service, the administration is as loyal as possible, they helped me with all my questions and problems. Very useful service, easy to choose and keep track of new options. This is a very high quality catalog, not a single problem with the villas I have seen. Thank you so much for this service in Bali!
  • Dmitry Volkov
    TG @dvvolkov
    Good afternoon! Thank you for your help in finding an accommodation, quite quickly found what you need for the specified budget! It's cool that it can be done remotely: Vladimir evaluates the options on the wish list and selects, when you like a villa leaves, shoots a video explains in detail. We chose about a week - went through all the available options, after the selection we took the one we liked. The plus is that the transfer through the banks of the Russian Federation for services and making a deposit. In general, the service is excellent! We pack our bags and go to Bali by March 1:)
  • Anna
    TG @AlihanovaAnna
    Thank you for your very convenient service, attentiveness and customer-oriented 🔥
    Happy to recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.
  • Andrey
    TG @andreyslz
    Your service is the best in Bali
  • Oleg Ivanovich
    TG @oleg_ivanovich77
    Thanks to @info_baliving for quality accommodation, affordable service, and quality feedback.
    Found accommodations in literally 2 days.
    Very convenient and truthful, 5+
  • Milana.braun.87 Milanochka
    TG @milanabraun87
    Thank you very handy site and found the villa quickly!
  • Any Barto
    TG @annabarto
    The service helped me find the contacts of the owners of the villa/rental agency, thanks to which I found a villa within days, contacted the provider and booked!
  • Nikita Kireev
    TG @IUnnik
    A good service to find a place to live in a short time. Allows you to quickly find options and write in all the ones you like
  • Dmitry Tereshchenko
    TG @UralHard
    Great service. I found a place to live here. Collected options from several sites and from chat rooms. Chats tired of endless scrolling. And here all collected in one place. Easy to browse by filter.
  • Anna
    TG @anna_shvabauer
    More than a month with friends looking for a villa
    On the in our budget did not fit, on ayre impossible to negotiate with them, tried to personally go - it's a nightmare!
    In 2 days we found a villa for a great price on the baliving))
    Quickly booked, now we already live here)))
    Very affordable, fast, there are descriptions to the villas.
    When you buy a rate they give you rooms right away
    Service 👍
  • Jay
    TG @fee1it
    Service top) found accommodation in a day, very convenient that you can directly contact the owner and everything is collected in one place! 🙏
    Found an option that no one else in the group had seen by the way
  • Ilya
    TG Hidden
    A good and one-of-a-kind site that has all the available options for rentals in Bali. The main pluses - the ability to quickly and easily filter the search results by location and price. Found our place on the island is with the help of, we recommend everyone!
  • Kate Petrovich
    TG @Petra13ss
    I liked the baliving service very much! Convenient and quick search! Found my house in a couple of days! Very important that there was support when I had questions))
  • Oleg
    TG @fed0leg
    Thanks to the service baliving for helping me find an accommodation. Now a lot of scammers and at first did not want to pay money for the service in advance, but after analyzing the site it was decided to try, which I am glad, because I found a place just through them.
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