Карта районов Бали
There are about 10 main areas in Bali, but the Internet mainly promotes only the main area - Kuta. It is there that tourists go, having gathered information on the Internet. Undoubtedly, Kuta is the most famous center of tourist life, but I want to tell you about other, more pleasant places, such as Kuta / Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Bukit, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud, Sanur, Amed, as well as Candidasa and Lovina.


Once Kuta was a settlement of a couple of houses on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It was a tiny, unremarkable fishing village. Now Kuta is houses that stand close to each other, narrow streets filled to capacity with taxis, cars and bikes scurrying back and forth, as well as many cafes, clubs, restaurants, shops and hotels of various price categories. Once on the streets of Kuta, you will immediately be surrounded by sellers from local shops offering to buy some kind of trinket, as well as bike renters, girls from massage parlors and SIM card sellers. Despite all this abundance of communication, there are many tourists in Kuta, for whom numerous tourist information centers have been prepared, where you can choose an excursion to any island you like.

Kuta Beach is a 5 km strip of light brown sand. Every morning, thanks to a joint project between Quiksilver and Coca-Cola, cars and workers clean the beach. Despite this, Kuta is not suitable for families with children. Kuta is surf and nightlife.

Kuta Beach is great for the first steps in surfing due to the soft wave and beach break several kilometers long. There are a lot of local beach-boys on the beach, who offer board rentals and surf lessons, and there are also 5 Russian surf schools.

Both in Kuta itself and on the beach, you cannot avoid a huge number of sellers who offer ice cream, massages, sarongs and bows with arrows, many tourists: Europeans, Australians, Indonesians, and countless locals are added to them on weekends.

Nightlife in Kuta attracts tourists from all over the world. A large selection of relevant establishments, ranging from bars to clubs along the main street of Kuta - Legian ((Jalan Legian), beautifully lit and quite lively, the noise does not stop until three in the morning. Even the most sophisticated party-goer will find a place to fill up.

For shoppers, there are many small shops, supermarkets and fairly large shopping centers. You can buy not only souvenirs, but also clothes, sports goods, etc. There are also night markets.

To the north, the Bali Kuta region smoothly flows into Legian (in addition to the main street of Kuta, this is also the name of the region). Rest here is calm and measured, unlike Kuta. However, even here you can find luxurious hotels and restaurants, cafes, bars, chic designer shops and nightclubs that will not let anyone get bored.


Seminyak is for people who value comfort, like to stay in luxury villas, spend time in restaurants, clubs on the beach, and surf. There are a huge number of expensive and pretentious restaurants, small bars, expensive nightclubs, where, unlike Kuta, there are more wealthy visitors aged 25 and older. Lots of expensive spas. Very active nightlife. There are places for shopping, large supermarkets, numerous spas.

Seminyak has beautiful beaches, similar to Kuta Beach - long, wide, sunny, sandy, well-equipped. But, unlike the crowded beach from Kuta, there are much fewer people on the coast and in the water in Seminyak.

Seminyak is a mecca for gourmets. There are many gourmet restaurants offering quality evening dining while enjoying pleasant music and ocean views. Among such establishments are Ku De Ta, Potato Head, as well as La Plancha - here you can watch the sunset while enjoying live music, sitting on soft ottomans right on the beach, drinking a cocktail.

But party-goers will not be bored here. A couple of times a week a beach party is held here, which is one of the ten best beach parties in the world.


Canggu Beach is located in the southwest of the island, near Kuta and Seminyak. The coast here is covered with black-gray volcanic sand, surrounded on all sides by jungles and rice fields. The waves are high, so this place is suitable for surfing. A characteristic feature of Canggu is a leisurely atmosphere. Despite the fact that Balinese villages and temples have been preserved in the vicinity, the infrastructure is very well developed here, therefore, in addition to the local population, expats have also settled here. This area has a very calm atmosphere and there are not a lot of tourists, as well as annoying local businessmen offering their goods and services. At the same time, noisy Kuta and Seminyak are only a 20-minute drive from Canggu and, if desired, you can easily go there in search of fun and entertainment. Canggu has a myriad of excellent restaurants, cafes and warungs for every taste and budget. Villas, houses, guesthouses of various price categories are located among the greenery of rice fields.

The beaches are characterized by an atmosphere of silence and detachment. Here is a real paradise for lovers of wave riding, yoga and meditation, as well as for everyone who seeks solitude. The waves in Canggu are what you need, so beginners and boarding professionals flock here. The high surf season lasts from April to November, the rest of the time it is not very interesting to ride.Here you will find several surf spots of various levels - Canggu is great for learning to surf, but at the same time, an advanced surfer will find a wave for his level. But they don't teach from scratch here; Seminyak or Kuta are better suited for beginners. Eco Beach is very beautiful, on the shore of which there is a restaurant, sitting at a table where you can watch the surfers and meet the sunset, enjoying seafood dishes.
Проехав двадцать минут на север по основной дороге Чангу, вы найдете знаменитый храм на воде Тана-Лот, который является одним из 9 важнейших храмов Балийской религии. Это место очень популярно для встречи закатов, а пляжи с вулканическим песком вокруг поражают своей красотой.

Canggu walks mostly on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But if you come in the evening on any day of the week, you can find pleasant music and friendly company there. On Sundays, there are parties with live music in Deus. Deus ex Machina is a famous Australian surf bike shop, with a gallery, a restaurant and even a skateboard mini ramp, as well as parties at Old Man's, Pretty Poison and Sand bar.

If you didn't have enough fun here, it's not far from Seminyak's fun parties where you can dance and listen to live music.


Bukit is a small Balinese peninsula that is impossible not to fall in love with. The raging ocean and endless expanses make this place a surfer's paradise. Bali's world-class surfer areas are located here, including the well-known Uluwatu (thanks to which the island of Bali became known in the world), Padang-Padang and many others. Bukit is only suitable for advanced surfers.

One of the main advantages of Bukit is the variety of beaches. Balagan is one of the most popular beaches. Reef bottom and sandy shore. Here you can rent a room in a thatched house on stilts right on the ocean, and enjoy a healthy sleep under the roar of the ocean, as well as breakfasts overlooking the ocean.

The Uluwatu area is not at all like other areas. There is a different energy here, the vegetation is more lively and dense. There is a temple of the same name on Uluwatu - one of the religious temples, according to legend, protecting the island from evil spirits. It is erected on a high rock above the sea. The temple is inhabited by numerous flocks of monkeys who strive to steal food or glasses from you, as well as everything that is easy to pull out of your pocket or grab from your hands. On the territory of the temple, a traditional delightful show called "Kecak" is held every evening. In addition to the show, tourists can expect walks around the temple grounds, dinner on the beach and space views, especially at sunset.

Next to the Blue Point Hotel in Uluwatu, on a cliff, is the Single Fin bar, famous for its fun Sunday parties with live music.

Just after the airport, a little short of the actual Bukit, is the small village of Jimbaran. This is a whole fishing village, which is now very popular among tourists. Local houses, fish market, expensive five-star hotels. They are very harmoniously adjacent to each other, so it is very pleasant to be in this area.

The beach is great for swimming and sunbathing - The sand on the beach is white, the shore is clean, and the bottom is without stones and corals. For the most part, Jimbaran Beach has steady waves. There are very few vacationers here, and the ocean is calm most of the time, and, unlike Kuta, almost no one will bother you.

There are several world-class hotels on the shores of Jimbaran Bay. In front of each of the hotels on the beach, sun loungers and umbrellas are installed for guests, and the hotels themselves are located among tropical gardens and pools in the form of lagoons.

The Jimbaran area of Bukit has made a name for itself with fish restaurants. Day after day, these fish restaurants gather lovers of beautiful sunsets and dinners at the surf line. If you want to cook it yourself, there is a fish market for you, where fishermen bring the freshest seafood early in the morning.

The southeastern part of the Bukit Peninsula is called Nusa Dua.

This is one of the most attractive, beautiful and expensive Balinese resorts. It's expensive and luxurious here. A well-groomed area with mowed lawns everywhere, at the entrance to which all bikes and cars are inspected.

Here are the most expensive hotels, mostly five-star. There are a lot of tourists here, but no less good free beaches, ideal for swimming for children and adults in a calm environment without waves. In addition, several surf spots operate here during the rainy season. For lovers of shopping and endless parties, Bukit will be bored.


Sanur is historically the very first tourist area in Bali. There is a calm atmosphere here. Its main highlight is the complete absence of waves, since on most of the island's beaches it is good for surfers and bad for ordinary vacationers and can easily be covered with a wave in the sea. It is quiet and smooth here, even small children can swim or just play in shallow water.

Sanur is an ideal place for an inexpensive family vacation, perhaps in Nusa Dua the service is better, but the prices there are very high. Here is a mid-range resort with a large selection of hotels for every budget. Danau Tamblingan's main street (Jalan Danau Tamblingan) is lined with various restaurants, live music bars and shops. Sanur beach is good for sunbathing and seeing sunrises. There are several surf spots in Sanur that operate during the rainy season, but mainly Japanese and locals ride here.

The coast stretches for several kilometers and consists of small beaches that have a common name. Many of them are crowded with boats and boats, as most divers start from here due to the proximity to the main dive sites in Bali. Despite the fact that diving in the Sanur area is not of the highest quality, most of the largest diving operators in Bali are located here.


Ubud is a small town, considered the cultural capital of the island. In addition to many museums, galleries and the royal palace, in this area, tourists can look at the most beautiful nature trails, coffee and rice plantations, waterfalls and animal parks. Also in Ubud, various holidays and festivals are held on a special scale, immersing tourists in the atmosphere of local traditions.

Ubud is located in a place with a comfortable climate - at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, far from the ocean, among jungle-covered gorges and green foothills, as well as countless picturesque rice fields and terraces, so it is not as hot here as on the coast, but not so cold, like up in the mountains.

Ubud has a lot of different attractions, for acquaintance with which you need to set aside at least a week. Attractions such as Goa Gayah, Gunung Kawi, Pura Kehen and Tirta Empul are advisable to visit with a guide. Undoubtedly, you will appreciate the beauty of these places, but their cultural and spiritual significance may not be revealed without an experienced guide.

Also, there are offices that organize outdoor activities - bicycle tours, rafting, canyoning, etc., as well as not far from volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls in the center of the island.

On the territory of Ubud is the famous monkey forest (Monkey Forest) is located in Ubud on the street of the same name. The vast expanse of tropical forest with powerful trees entwined with lianas is partially cleared and ennobled with paths, bridges, and sculptures. On one of the squares there is a functioning temple complex. The picturesque area is teeming with monkeys who live here with their whole families, feeling like full owners. They are found everywhere: they sit on moss-covered stones and sculptures, temple steps, hang on lianas, jump along the branches of huge banyan trees, run along paths, splash in a pond.

As for Ubud's nightlife, it simply doesn't exist, as local rules forbid noise after 10:30 pm.


Amed is located in the northeast of Bali.

Diving and snorkeling in Amed are considered the best in Bali. There are almost no waves here, and the water is transparent sea blue. Beginner divers will find shallow and calm sites with little or no current. For more experienced divers, there are places deeper. For lovers of sunken ships, there are two wrecks, although they are small. Marine life is also varied and rich. Colorful soft and hard corals, giant sponges and gargonians are found on almost every dive site. Among the corals there are octopuses, cuttlefish, rays, scorpions, moray eels, and other fish. Turtles have chosen some coral gardens, and whitetip sharks can be found on the walls.

Amed is a relatively uncrowded place that will appeal to lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday. Most often people come here for a few days to get away from the noisy and crowded south. In addition to diving and snorkeling, here you can go fishing, go to waterfalls or trekking to the Agung volcano, located very close to Amed (it offers a wonderful view from the coast).


In addition to the above places in Bali, there are also two places of peace and tranquility. These are Candidasa in the east of the island and Lovina in the north.

Candidasa is a good opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle created by tourists all along the south coast. This is a quiet and friendly resort that will give you a wonderful holiday in peace and quiet. There are several hotels and many villas in Chandidas, and a narrow strip of volcanic sand beach is good for swimming, although during high tide the beach disappears completely under water.

It is also close to the famous White Sand Beach (White Sand Beach), one of the best white sand beaches in Bali, at least in the eastern part of the island. The water here is amazingly blue and clear. If you move away from the central part of the beach, you can see a nice underwater world with corals and beautiful fish.

In the center of Candidasa is a lotus lagoon, here is the main temple of the village, the construction of which dates back to the 11th century. 10 kilometers west of Chandidasa you will find an interesting Goa Lava temple - the temple of bats. The temple contains a cave where hundreds of bats live and are worshiped by the locals.

Lovina is a common name for a group of villages, originating from the northern coast of the islands west of Singaraja.

You can go diving in Lovina - the beach is surrounded by coral reefs, there are many tropical fish, and the water is clean and clear, for those who do not dare to scuba dive, it is suitable for snorkeling, and you can also swim in the sea and just sunbathe. The famous Dolphinarium is located in Lovina, where you can see dolphins right in the ocean.

Also, here you can spend the dawn hours in a boat on the sea waiting for the morning parade of dolphins, explore the gorgeous waterfalls of North Bali, visit the largest Buddhist monastery on the island and a couple of tiny temples on the coast, and also please your body and soul with a good massage and / or spa treatments

In fact, the island of Bali is not as big as it might seem at first glance. All tourist centers are located near the airport. So it will not be difficult for you to visit different areas based on your preferences.

Summing up, I would like to say that no matter what your preferences for recreation are, in Bali you will definitely find the area that you will undoubtedly like!
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