Upon arrival in Bali, you will immediately be offered many exchange offices at the airport and from hand. You can exchange currency at Bali Airport for a small amount in order to get to your accommodation. But we want to warn you that the rate will be seriously underestimated and not beneficial for you.

Usually, when exchanging currency, the commission is immediately included in the amount and it can reach 30%, while the commission is not announced to the foreigner until the money changer takes the money in his hands. After that, you will not cancel the transaction under any circumstances. Often there are wrong calculators, which, of course, do not count in your favor.

How to protect yourself

In the tourist places of Indonesia, there will be no problems with exchanging currency in the Bali rupee. The exchange is offered not only by banks and official exchangers, but also by local moneychangers in shops.

Official institutions in Bali are open from 8:00 to 15:00, which is not always convenient for newly arrived tourists. And money changers in shops are far from the safest way to exchange rubles for Bali rupees.

If you want to avoid cheating when exchanging:

1. Do not give banknotes to the hands of the changed to the last, even to check the alleged falsity
2. Use your calculator when calculating
3. Count money in front of the money changer, right during the exchange
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