Moving to Bali

Probably there is no such person who would not want to move to live in Indonesia, especially if you look at the history of Bali, a photo from there. They even say that it is simply impossible to visit here and not fall in love, you will definitely want to come to Bali as often as possible, but it is better to move at all. Moreover, the weather in Bali is quite comfortable. Travelers or migrants are guaranteed a warm climate all year round, crystal clear air and life near the open, endless ocean.Here you can communicate with nature, and there are also many interesting people with whom you can undergo spiritual practices. Many surfers decide to move to Bali, as here they can practice without restrictions, even walk along the beach 24/7. Isn't this the fairytale life you've always dreamed of?

How to make a move?

If you have already visited Indonesia, most likely you have a question about how to move to Bali? You can enter the island only with a visa. It can be different, in some situations you can stay on the island for one month, and there are options for how to live here for 5 years completely legally and it will even be possible to extend this period.

If you are definitely not interested in short-term options, then you should consider the following types of visas:
  • with a limited stay;
  • KITAP residence permit;
  • nationality of the country;
  • pension if you are already 55 years old.
Each of these options has its own characteristics and advantages, therefore, before applying for them, it is better to consult with experts, they will also tell you what documents will be required for this. If you want to officially live on the island for at least a few years, work, use all the services and discounts, raise your own children, then the best solution is KITAS.

Who exactly likes life on the island?

Moving to an island with thousands of temples is definitely suitable for people who are tired of harsh climatic conditions. Also, life here will definitely appeal to people who:

  • work remotely, not tied to a specific place;
  • want to add variety to their lives;
  • want to understand themselves, try out spiritual practices;
  • do yoga for more than a year;
  • tired of the bustle of the city;
  • love Asia;
  • creative, in need of inspiration, etc.

Even if you don't fit any of these criteria, the island can still be the perfect place for you to live.

In general, the misconception that moving to an island is expensive. Rental housing in Bali is offered at a very reasonable cost. You can rent a villa for affordable money, approximately the price of a two-room apartment in Europe. Moreover, there is a really large selection of various villas, everyone can find for themselves the perfect solution that matches the parameters and budget. Many Europeans even prefer to buy a home in Bali. Most often, they invest in real estate and then rent it out to travelers.
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