In Bali, of course, there are more than 10 attractions, so one article will not be able to accommodate everything. But it is worth highlighting exactly those places that you must definitely visit. You can come to the most incredible places on your own or as part of an excursion group.

The main interesting places are located in the north and east of the island, there are very few of them in the central and southern parts, and they are not in the western part.
Spring and Temple of Tirta Empul
The most interesting attraction is the water temple Titra Empul, located in Tampaksiring. There is a sacred water source in this place. The temple was built in 962 AD. in honor of the god Vishnu.

In order to feel the atmosphere of this place, you need to come here at dawn or in the evening, while there are still not many people in it.

Nearby are the best attractions of Bali - the famous volcanoes and caves of the island. There is also a villa next to the temple itself, where various celebrities like to stay.

How to get to the sights you can see here.

Rice terraces
Places in Bali that you need to visit are rice plantations. You will be able to get acquainted with the features of rice cultivation. Rice is considered to be a gift of the Gods and is cultivated by the same methods as 100 years ago. Near the terraces there are cafes, from which it is pleasant to look at beautiful landscapes. Multi-stage rice terraces stretch all the way to the horizon. In some places along the road there are observation platforms where tourists stop and admire the beauty.
Pura Lempuyang Temple
Pura Lempuyang is a must visit in Bali. It is popular with tourists. The complex consists of seven structures. To visit the complex, you need to drive from Amlapura along the main road, then through the serpentine and get to the main temple, climbing 1710 steps. The most important temple is located at an altitude of 1058 meters. The temples are interconnected by forest paths and stone stairs. There are several routes to get to the top.
Ubud city
If you are interested in the sights of Bali, and you do not know what to see in the central part of the island, then the city of Ubud will be the best place. It has no resemblance to modern cities, as there are practically no tall buildings in it. It is the capital of the cultural life of the island; masters of all kinds work in the city. Ubud attracts those interested in painting and folk art.
The soothing atmosphere changes our consciousness, filled with everyday worries and everyday problems. Believe me - Ubud in Bali is an extraordinary place!
Mount Agung and Besakih Temple
If you have not yet figured out what to visit in Bali, then this should be Mount Agung. This is a volcano, which is located at an altitude of 3200 meters. Locals are sure that the spirits of their ancestors live in this mountain. The most important and important Hindu temple complex makes you feel the powerful energy of this place. For climbers on this mountain, several routes have been formed at once, along which tourists with a guide climb.
water palaces
The list of ideal cultural monuments includes Ujung and Tirta Ganga, two water palaces. The main unique feature is that these palaces are built on the water. It is here that you can take amazingly beautiful photos. This architectural complex was erected by the last king of the Karangasem district. This is the rarest case when a politician personally participated in the construction of such a residence.
Volcano and Lake Batur
If you are full of strength and energy, be sure to go to the big caldera. Inside it is a volcano and Lake Batur. It is necessary to start climbing the volcano at night in order to watch an unusually beautiful sunrise on the top of the mountain. This place is famous for the beauty of untouched nature, and active volcanoes simply make the heart skip a beat.
Botanical Garden
If you come to Bali, what you need to visit is the Botanical Garden. Over 2,000 different plants grow in this paradise. The entire park covers an area of 58 hectares and there are not only exotic, but also many attractions. You can come here by car or bike, but it will take a lot of time to get around it on foot. When the sun sets or hides behind clouds, it gets cool here.
Lakes Buyan, Bro and Tamblingan
Bedugul is similar to the Swiss Alps due to the nearby lakes - Tamblingan, Bratan and Buyan. In the coolness near the water, you can relax and enjoy the beauty. The lakes are located in the crater of the Chatur volcano, at an altitude of 1200 meters above the water surface. They are fresh water reservoirs. Here you will be surrounded by crystal silence, amazing blue sky and clouds that leave fluffy prints. Vegetable plantations are grown around the lake.
Gunung Kawi Temple
At a distance of 25 km from the city of Ubud, a temple was built - Gunung Kawi. And if you are still thinking what places to visit in Bali, then you should definitely come here. The complex is located in the rocks and consists of several caves. They created sculptural images right in the rocks. Tourists say that this place has incredible energy.
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