Bike is the perfect solution for Bali. Easy to handle, maneuverable and economical, a bike can make getting around the island a lot easier. But if you are planning to rent a scooter in Bali, you definitely need rules and guidelines for its proper use. We will talk about this in today's article.

Rules for driving a bike in Bali

Driver license

To do this, you will have to have some documents and comply with other mandatory conditions:

Visa for a long period. You will need a long-term visa to obtain local rights. A regular tourist visa will not work.

International law. This is the most important point. These rights can be obtained from the licensing office in your area.

By the way, Baliving can help with obtaining rights.

Left side traffic

Bali has a left-hand drive mode. Most countries in the world drive on the right side of the road, so obviously many have to relearn to drive in Bali.


Mandatory use of a helmet for both driver and passenger. Wearing a helmet is not only a law, but also a safety measure.

Please be aware that traffic officers in Bali can fine you if you and your passengers do not wear a helmet. Use a helmet whenever you are in a vehicle. Do not neglect this security measure.


Maintain a moderate speed. Roads in Bali can be narrow, winding and in some places poorly maintained. Roads in the city can be very narrow and uncomfortable to drive. In general, be prepared for unexpected obstacles and situations on the road.


Renting a bike or scooter in Bali is quite simple, just like a car. But it is easier to do this in a trusted company, for example, in Baliving. We offer a fast, convenient and reliable vehicle selection service in Bali. We choose according to our criteria, without any pitfalls and extra costs. Contact us!

What are the dangers when driving in Bali?

Road traffic

The dense movement of cars, motorcycles and scooters, bicycles can create unpredictable situations. Therefore, we recommend that you be as vigilant as possible on the road in all areas of Bali.

Road surface

Please note that some roads may be rough, potholes or gravel. This can make it difficult to control the motorcycle, especially in the rain. It is clear that in Bali the transport infrastructure is constantly being improved, but you need to be on the lookout.

Driving habits

Due to the relaxed atmosphere of the island, local drivers sometimes do not follow the rules of the road, may suddenly change lanes or drive too close. Maintain a safe distance and be prepared for unexpected maneuvers.

Also, don't forget the basic precautions:

• Use a quality helmet that provides adequate protection for your head and face. Don't skimp on your safety.

• Use signal gestures and turn signals to indicate your intentions to other drivers.

• Do not ride a motorcycle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. This can greatly increase the risk of an accident.

• Be aware of weather conditions. Rain can make roads slippery and poor visibility can increase the risk of an accident.

• When traveling to Bali, always carry health insurance that covers medical expenses.

How to rent a bike in Bali

As we have already found out, riding a bike in Bali can be a fun and unforgettable experience, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace. But how to rent a bike in Bali correctly? What you should pay attention to?

Traffic in Bali can be chaotic, especially in the cities. Be vigilant and follow local landmarks as roads can sometimes be poorly marked.

First, you need to choose only proven services. There are many scammers in Bali who profit from tourists, so you should be on the lookout. Here we need to remind once again about the Baliving car rental service.

Secondly, check your vehicle before renting. Whether you're renting a car, bike or scooter, inspect the vehicle thoroughly before renting. Photograph or record on video any existing damage and defects. This is very important and really helps in controversial situations.

Third, before signing a lease, read all the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you understand the rules and obligations. In Baliving we explain to our clients all the details of renting a bike in Bali: you can contact us for any advice.

Fourth, remember about parking. The island is built up extremely densely, so parking needs to be provided in advance, especially in the center of tourist areas. Sometimes a small fee is charged for parking spaces.

Fifth, keep in mind that the bike will have to be constantly refueled. Try to find a good gas station that you can visit all the time. This will help you save money and get reliable service.

In general, the main thing in renting a bike in Bali is foresight and accuracy. Try to be as selective as possible when renting a bike and as careful as possible when driving. Do not forget about the rules of the road on the island: they are here for a reason. Wear a helmet, take your license with you every time you go anywhere. Try to follow the signs and do not exceed the speed limit.

Traveling to Bali in a rented vehicle is a great way to discover local beauty and get to know the culture of the island. And it will also help to get social connections on the island, because drivers often come together in small communities. By renting a bike or scooter in Bali, you will get endless convenience, you will be able to enjoy the views, communication and, of course, the real emotions of a pioneer that driving on a paradise island gives.

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