In this article, we have collected information about all the most popular months among tourists in Bali. We will tell you about the weather conditions at this time on the island and share useful tips for the months on the island.

Weather in Bali throughout the year

In general, there are only two main weather seasons in Bali. In which of them to come to Bali depends only on you.

Dry season (April - September): This period is considered the best time to visit Bali. Rainfall is minimal and the sun shines brightly, creating the perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities.

Rainy season (October - March): This period is characterized by higher humidity and frequent intermittent rains. Despite this, Bali remains a beautiful and surprisingly green island, and many tourists still find their delight here.

Weather in Bali now

The island of Bali, located in Indonesia, has long won the hearts of travelers from all over the world with its unique beauty and delightful climate. The combination of tropical forests, white sand beaches and a spiritual atmosphere make this island a true paradise. One of the key factors determining the ideal time to visit Bali is the weather. It is she who has such a strong influence on the perception of tourists.

Weather in Bali in October

October in Bali is considered the transitional month between the dry season and the start of the rainy season. The air temperature during this period remains stable, keeping around +26°C - +31°C. Humidity gradually increases, and with light rains the island is transformed, becoming green and picturesque. October is the perfect time to visit Bali if you want to enjoy the perfect combination of warmth, less crowds and beautiful nature.

Weather in Bali in November

November in Bali is the beginning of the rainy season. During this month, the humidity increases significantly, and the rains can be more intense and prolonged. The air temperature remains in the region of +26°C - +31°C, and the island still enjoys a warm climate. Despite the rainy periods, November in Bali has its own charm. Green landscapes and less crowded beaches create an atmosphere of solitude and invite close contact with nature.

Weather in Bali in May

May in Bali is also a transitional period between the dry season and the rainy season. Temperatures remain pleasantly warm, ranging from +26°C to +31°C. The daytime sun shines brightly and the evenings bring slight cooling breezes. Humidity begins to gradually increase, but usually remains at a relatively comfortable level. During this period, Bali remains little visited, which makes May the perfect month for a calm and relaxed holiday on the beaches and exploring the nature of the island.

Weather in Bali in June

But June is a transitional month between the dry and wet seasons in Bali. The air temperature is kept at +25°C to +30°C, which creates comfortable conditions for outdoor recreation. Humidity begins to gradually increase, but it has not yet reached its maximum values characteristic of the rainy season. This means travelers can still enjoy the sun and not have to worry about heavy rain.

Weather in Bali in July

July is the month when the island of Bali embodies all the magnificent character of a tropical summer. Warm sun, gentle breezes and a sea of subtle scents create the perfect setting for a summer getaway on this exotic island. The weather in Bali in July promises an unforgettable experience and a wealth of options for an active and relaxing pastime. Let's look at what surprises nature has prepared at this time of the year.

July in Bali is the real peak of the summer season. The air temperature rises to +28°C - +32°C, creating a pleasantly warm atmosphere. Humidity during this period increases, but it does not reach the high values characteristic of the rainy season. The combination of warmth and not too high humidity makes July comfortable for outdoor recreation and beaches.

The summer month of July creates ideal conditions for swimming and sunbathing. The sun shines brightly, and the temperature of the water in the sea remains at +27°C. This is a great time for water sports like surfing and diving. The beaches of the island attract tourists with their beauty and many entertainments.

July in Bali is also known for its colorful events and holidays. During this time, events such as the Bali New Moon and Volcanic Day (Kuningan) take place, when locals decorate their homes and temples with religious ceremonies and festivals. This provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture and traditions.

How to plan a trip

If you are planning to visit Bali, it is important to consider the season in which you are going to fly to the island. During the dry season, you'll most enjoy everything the island has to offer, from relaxing on the beaches to exploring the temples and waterfalls inland. During the rainy season, you will have time to enjoy the solitude and Balinese rains.

In any case, do not forget about sunscreen, waterproof clothing and hats during sunny days. At any time of the year in Bali you can enjoy the magical views and hospitality of the locals.

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