In this article, we will talk about up-to-date information regarding tickets to Bali. We'll cover ways to fly cheap and fast to Bali and share additional savings tips, so be sure to read this article until the end.

How is it with tickets to Bali around the world?

Not all countries in the world have direct flights to Bali. For example, it will not be possible to fly directly from European countries. The average flight time from the EU is 20 hours. From America the situation is similar.

It will be possible to fly directly, for example, from Qatar, Dubai, Singapore, China. Countries that have direct air links to Bali tend to be transfer points. This means that you can buy tickets to the above countries and get to Bali from there.

Where to buy tickets to Bali?

We highly recommend you the cheap air tickets aggregator Aviasales.
First, Aviasales is an aggregator with a long history. They trust him, they know about him and he is advised.

Secondly, the service makes it possible to view tickets from all airlines in one place. You can see which tickets are cheaper and which ones will get you faster. Other useful information is also collected here, which is convenient to compare in order to make a decision.

Thirdly, here it is really very convenient to save money by choosing the dates of flights so that the amount for tickets comes out cheaper.

How to use the aggregator?

Everything is very simple: you fill out a small form where you enter the dates of your trip, direction (from where and where you are flying) and click "find tickets".

Then a page appears on which all tickets for the specified dates and directions are visible - all that remains is to choose.

And to save better, we advise you to choose the cheapest dates for the flight. You can do this right on the miniature calendar that appears on the site.

Giving advice on saving on tickets to Bali

Book in advance. The earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you are to find a good price.

Subscribe to newsletters. Many airlines and platforms send special offers via email.

Use search engines. We already advised this above, but it's worth repeating: compare prices on different platforms and use search engines to find the best deals.

As we said, if your dates are flexible enough, you have the opportunity to save money. Ticket search platforms allow you to view prices for different dates in one click. Thus, you can find the best value for money. For example, shifting the departure date by a couple of days can bring significant savings on tickets.

Also, do not forget that you can look at blogs and posts of other travelers, read forums. There, people are actively sharing tips on saving on tickets.

Summing up

For many travelers, buying tickets seems to be something extremely difficult, even despite the existence of price comparison aggregators. However, this does not take as much time as it might seem. Experience shows that one evening, or even several hours, is enough to find the best option for your trip.

We really hope that our tips for finding cheap flights to Bali will help you optimize your budget and, at the same time, get there in the most comfortable way possible.

We understand that we have not touched on all the information on the topic. The information is constantly updated, so if you are already planning a trip for the fall, we recommend that you follow all the updates on the topic and follow our blog, where we write about everything related to the paradise island of Bali.

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