Moving to Bali seems like an extremely difficult step. Distances scare many: Indonesia is thousands of kilometers from Europe. But in fact, moving to Bali is much easier than to other countries, and the climate and economic conditions here are extremely favorable.

Why is Bali the perfect place to relocate?

Bali is a small (only 5,780 sq. km) island of the Malay Archipelago. A happy coincidence made this, and not any other island in Indonesia, one of the main centers of world tourism.

Bali is at the crossroads of rich culture and religion, incredible nature and a modern and rapidly developing economy. That is why it is interesting, pleasant and very profitable to live and work here.

Bali is now attracting an amount of investment that allows the island to constantly transform in terms of infrastructure and quality of life. Hundreds of digital nomads work remotely here, attracted by the wonderful climate and easy entry permits.

Rules for entering and working in Bali


We have already referred to our long article on visas to Indonesia more than once. Yes, it is quite easy to get a Bali visa, and it can be done in several ways:

• Get a tourist visa upon arrival to the island. You will need to collect a package of documents, present a return ticket and confirm the booking of accommodation on the island. They will issue a visa right at the airport, and it will last a month. Later it can be extended for another month.

• Apply for B211 and B211A visas. For such visas you will have to pay a fee. They will be valid for 6 months and will allow you to work remotely in Indonesia. By the way, Baliving can help with the issuance of these visas.

• Checkout Kitas. This visa is needed for those who are going to open a business in Indonesia, or get a job in a company that operates in Indonesia. We will tell you more about this visa below.

Work and business permit

Many tourists confuse business visas (B211 and B211A), which are needed mainly for relocators and remote workers, with Kitas. Kitas is a visa that confirms that you can work for an Indonesian company or build a business in the country.

If you have already got a job in a company in Bali, then you should ask her for Kitas registration - then you can safely move to the island. In this case, the company will have to pay a deposit for you: it is needed in case of deportation if you break the law.

Do children need a separate visa?

Yes, B211 and B211A visas for children will have to be paid separately. The same is true in the case of residency - it is issued separately for children. You can contact Baliving for advice. We will help you move to Bali with the whole family.

Are animals allowed in Bali?

Another very popular question from relocators. You cannot officially bring your pet to Bali. Bali has very strict laws regarding pets. But there are companies that import pets to Bali illegally - through the island of Java. However, we separately warn that this is both expensive and risky. It is best to weigh this decision carefully.

Flight to Bali

In our article about tickets to Bali, we talked about how the prices for tickets to Bali are now and whether there are direct flights to the island. The short answer is: no, there are no direct flights right now, and two-way tickets will cost at least $800. We advise you to move during the non-tourist season, when tickets become cheaper.

Life in Bali for relocators: what surprises on an island?

Bali prices

We could leave here the general phrase that only your needs will determine how much money you need to live comfortably in Bali. But, perhaps, it is worth clarifying that the average salary of a remote worker from a good company would allow not only to live in good housing, but also to work in a co-working space, eat well and invest money.

On the Internet, people are actively experimenting, trying to survive in Bali on $600 and other small amounts. Yes, it is quite real and so.

Culture and customs

The locals will pleasantly surprise you with hospitality and a very interesting mentality. For example, in Balinese culture, it is not customary to say the word "no" to most questions, it is considered indecent here.

Communication with the younger generation will mainly take place in English. This is due to the tourist orientation of the island's economy: locals are used to having to communicate with foreigners and have been learning English since childhood.

In general, there is something to see in Bali. The Balinese keep their culture very carefully, including traditional dances and architecture. The culture of the island really wants to be explored.

Health and education

The treatment in Bali is quite good, but expensive. We strongly recommend that you insure your health. This can be done relatively cheaply.

If you need to send your child to school, everything you need is here. Dozens of international schools are scattered throughout the island. At the same time, there are both budgetary and elite educational institutions.

Entertainment and leisure

In Bali you will find a lot of things to do, from beaches to climbing volcanoes, from nightclubs to spiritual peace in temples. Here everyone will find something for themselves. But we can definitely say that there is something to do in Bali.

Accommodation in Bali

If you are looking for accommodation in Bali, try Baliving. We have everything from economical rooms to premium villas. We place accommodation from different price segments, but we always try to maintain the ideal quality.

We offer to rent a house for a month or a year in a safe scheme. You will save money, because you will not fall for scammers, and you will also select the best option possible with our selection system according to the given parameters.

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