We understand how hard it can be for tourists and relocators with currency transfers, spending, investing and everything else related to money. That is why in this article we have collected all the relevant information about money in Bali so that you can easily plan your trip or move.

What you need to know about the currency in Bali?

The currency used in Bali and throughout Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah (the currency code for the Indonesian rupiah in international terms is IDR). The currency has various denominations. You should know that banknotes and electronic money (bank cards) are most often used.

Denominations and banknotes

The Indonesian rupiah, like all world currencies, is issued in the form of banknotes of various denominations. There are banknotes in circulation in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 rupees. Naturally, each banknote has its own design: characteristic elements related to the history and culture of Indonesia are printed on the money.

Exchange rates and exchange offices

Currency exchange rates in Bali may vary depending on the location and type of exchange office. Exchangers at hotels and airports offer less favorable rates, especially when compared to banks or independent exchangers. When choosing an exchanger, we recommend comparing rates.

Rubles are rarely changed here. It is better to change dollars in Bali, so if you have them with you, this will be a big plus: you can exchange currency at a favorable rate for you. By the way, it is not recommended to take the euro in Bali - the exchange rate is unfavorable.

Use of cash

In some places on the island, especially in rural areas and local markets, cash may be the only payment method. Although the situation is changing rapidly, unpleasant situations can still arise. Therefore, have a small amount of local currency on hand for small purchases.

Banking operations and plastic cards

Most hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist establishments in Bali accept credit and debit cards. However, card payments may not be available in remote locations and local markets. We advise you to find an ATM close to your home where you can withdraw cash.

Exchange of dollars and other currencies

In some cases, especially if you have just arrived on the island, it is convenient to have some US dollars with you to exchange for local currency. Many exchange offices and banks also accept dollars, euros and other popular currencies.

Let's sum up the intermediate result. The Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of Indonesia and, accordingly, the island of Bali. When visiting the island, it is important to study exchange rates in advance, understand the possibilities of using cash and bank cards in order to ensure comfortable and efficient management of your finances in this amazing corner of the world.

What tips will help you live cheaply in Bali?

Some of our tips may seem obvious to you, but trust me, many tourists do forget about the basics of financial literacy when traveling, not to mention the more advanced aspects. That is why we recommend that you carefully read all the rules below.

Prepare a budget

Before you go to Bali, it is important to draw up a detailed budget for the entire period of your stay. Take into account the cost of accommodation, food, entertainment, transportation and additional costs. This will allow you to understand how much money you will need and avoid unexpected financial difficulties.

Learn local currency and exchange rates

The Indonesian rupiah is a rather complex and interesting currency. It is only worth mentioning that in Indonesia it is in the order of things to pay millions for renting housing or transport. Study the current exchange rate and plan your financial transactions taking into account possible fluctuations. And once again, please note that in some places on the island only cash is accepted, so have the necessary amount on hand.

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Save on accommodation in Bali

You can do this with the help of our Baliving service. We offer you to rent a house from the first time, while not being deceived by scammers. And all this is fast and very simple.

Plan your meals wisely

In Bali restaurants you can find dishes for every taste and budget. Do not forget that you can eat delicious food in economical establishments. Diversify your diet by buying fresh produce from local markets and cook at home. This is also a very interesting experience. By the way, we wrote about interesting food in Bali in our other article.

Travel economically

Bali offers many options for travel and excursions. Explore public transportation and vehicle rental options. This will help save on transport costs and give you more freedom of movement.


Don't forget about medical and accident insurance. Unforeseen circumstances are also possible here, and having reliable insurance will help you avoid big financial losses.

Read more about this in our article.

Learn local customs and culture

Understanding local customs and culture will help you avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary costs. Here you can, for example, bargain in the markets: why not an interesting experience for a traveler.

Keep in mind that even the best vacation needs to be planned financially. And even moving to a paradise island must first be well thought out. This is necessary in order to save yourself from unnecessary worries and worries during your unforgettable trip to Bali.
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