Indonesia attracts investment like a magnet. The growth of the country's economy (GDP) in the last few years is a stable 5%. The worldwide interest in Bali guarantees a huge growth in the real estate market in this paradise of Indonesia. But you need to invest in the right way. We will tell you how to do this in our new article.

Features of investing in real estate in Bali

Building density

First of all, the investor should understand that Bali is a rather small island, which, however, has not yet been fully built up. Even the busiest areas (such as Canggu) continue to be built, and investors are returning their investment by 20-30% per year.

About what real estate in Bali is better to invest in, we'll talk a little lower. In the meantime, let's talk about the legal intricacies when buying property on the island.

Legal issues when investing in Bali

Real estate in Bali cannot be bought by a foreigner if he is only an individual. To buy real estate, it is necessary to have a company - a legal entity. Therefore, the first step to investing in real estate in Bali must be the formation of a company.

A legal entity will allow you to buy land, a villa, invest in construction, but there is one important condition. The property will belong to you as long as your company operates in Indonesia. A company that leaves the country's market is obliged to sell its property. Agree, the approach is quite honest.

What is profitable to invest in?

There are several proven ways to invest in property in Bali:

• Invest in a finished object, that is, purchase a villa or apartment for subsequent rent, or sale after a while

• Invest in construction (this method, if invested in the right construction, will bring significant income)

• Invest in housing in need of repair and renovate (this, if a good property is found, can provide a 30% annual return)

If I bought a house in Bali, who can I sell or rent it to?

There are only two types of buyers in the Bali real estate market:

• Residents of Indonesia, who are now actively acquiring real estate themselves (recall the rapid growth of the country's economy in recent years)

•Foreigners. As a rule, they rent housing. They are interested in living in Bali not all year round, or often change housing

What should be considered when buying land and real estate?

When you buy land, be sure to involve an agent who will legally secure the deal. The lawyer must check local municipal laws, the status of a particular object or piece of land. And if you buy an object (for example, a villa) from a company that you have doubts about, you should find out about other objects of the company, check the project documentation, etc.

Pros and cons of investing in real estate in each area of Bali



One of the most fashionable areas of the island with a variety of restaurants, boutiques and entertainment.

High demand for rental villas and apartments for short and long term stays.

Attractiveness for tourists and relatively stable rental income.


High competition among investors and real estate developers. The area has been popular for a long time: there is little space, new facilities are built less frequently.

Relatively high real estate values compared to other areas.



Located in the mountains, which provides a cooler climate and picturesque scenery.

A variety of cultural and natural attractions that attracts interest in the area.


Less active tourist flow compared to the coast, which may affect rental yields.

Relative distance from some popular beaches.



Proximity to beaches and entertainment places makes it attractive for tourists.

A wide range of properties of different types and budgets to buy.


Too dense development in the area, which limits the opportunities for investment in land.

Difficulties with parking and traffic jams due to the large number of tourist facilities.


Canggu is one of the outgoing investment trends on the island. Recently, the area began to grow rapidly due to its favorable location.


One of the trendiest areas in Bali.

The area is full of restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs.

A huge number of new facilities are still being built here and land is regularly bought. In the long term, housing that is in Canggu will increase in price.


High competition. Interest from investors has led to high competition for real estate, which can affect prices and, as a result, the rate of return.

Seasonal fluctuations. Canggu, like many beach areas, is subject to seasonal fluctuations in demand.


Bukit can be said to be a new trend - one of the most promising places for investment in Bali. It is no coincidence that this area ends our top.


Unique views and nature. The Bukit area is located on a hilly area, next to the ocean. This attracts travelers and foreigners who are ready to actively spend money on housing in a rapidly developing area.

At the same time, Bukit is known for its tranquility and seclusion compared to more busy areas. Not everything is built up here yet, and the cost of land and real estate is an important incentive for both investors and the end buyer.

They also build luxury real estate here. If properly invested in the land, in the long run it will bring a lot of income.


Bukit is away from some of the popular tourist areas such as Seminyak and Kuta. The flow of tourists is much less so far.

There is also less infrastructure than in other areas.

Investing in real estate in Bali is an attractive opportunity to diversify your portfolio and generate a stable income. However, as elsewhere, success requires careful market research, trend analysis and thoughtful object selection. With the right approach, Bali can become not only an exotic vacation spot, but also a profitable investment. Choose an area for investment and study the Bali market: there is a very large area for profitability.
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