In this article, we have collected the main subtleties regarding holidays in Bali in 2023. If you are interested in how to relax in Bali in 2023 without unnecessary difficulties, read this article until the end, there will be many useful tips.

Visa regime in Bali

Do I need a visa for Bali?

At the time of 2023, most foreign citizens need a tourist or work visa to enter Bali. We talked about all types and ways to get a visa to Bali here.

By the way, if you need help with obtaining a visa to Bali, including tourist and business visas B211 and B211A, please contact Baliving. We advise, help to collect the necessary documents.

So, you need a visa for Bali. How to make it easier?

If you are traveling to Bali for tourism purposes, it is easiest to apply for a Visa on Arrival (VOA). It is issued for a month, with the possibility of extending up to two months. What will be required:

•Documentation. Passport, photographs, return tickets, hotel reservation confirmation, medical insurance - all this will be needed

• Application for a visa, it will be given right on the spot

•Visa fees. Answering the question, how much does a visa to Bali cost, we note that you have to pay only $ 35

However, if you want to apply for a visa in advance, you can always apply for an e-VOA visa.

Do you need business visas for Bali?

Even in 2023, Indonesia (and the island of Bali, respectively) allows you to apply for a business visa or residency. The fees for such visas are much higher. And we will help you with their design.

Flights to Bali. How to get to the island?

You can fly to Bali from airports in major cities in your country. There are no flight restrictions. Direct flights are now almost all over the world, because Bali is an extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

We understand how hard it can be after a long plane flight. If you don't want to worry about looking for a taxi or public transport in Bali, we have a convenient airport transfer service. We will transfer you from Denpasar Airport directly to your rental property.

What accommodation is there in Bali? Is the rent expensive?

What accommodation is there in Bali? Is the rent expensive?

Housing in Bali is another issue that is an edge for tourists from various countries. On the one hand, here it is much cheaper than in other resorts in the world. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult to find. What to do with it?

To begin with, we advise you to decide on the budget and rental period. We highly recommend monthly rentals in Bali. It will be convenient to rent a house, and you will save a lot of your money. In Bali, you can rent a villa or a room - it all depends on your budget and preferences.

How to find accommodation in Bali?

We strongly recommend that you search for accommodation through Baliving. The Baliving ru service allows you to search for accommodation in Bali remotely. You can use our handy accommodation directory, which is updated daily. There are hundreds of different accommodation options to suit your taste.

We also launched our telegram bot. It automatically selects accommodation according to your characteristics, offering you the best options. Here you can get acquainted with the housing market in Bali even before the trip. Find the apartment or villa in Bali of your dreams.

Here you can also check your villa according to the checklist remotely. We will find out everything that interests you, or we will call you and demonstrate everything online. This will help you find exactly the property you want.

And we also have a secure prepayment system - baliving guarantor. You make an advance payment online, and without the risk of being deceived. Our agents know the housing market well and exclude all suspicious listings in advance.

Perhaps you also want to rent a car or bike to get around Bali comfortably? Yes, Baliving will help with that too. It will be enough for you to leave a request on the site, where you will tell us about all the desired characteristics of a car or bike, and we will select an option to your liking.

By the way, if you need to register your liscense in Bali, we are ready to help you with this.

Is it possible to live cheaply in Bali? What are the prices in Bali?

Yes, you can live cheaply in Bali. The main thing is to allocate your budget. A lot of digital nomads from all over the world are living in Bali right now. With a salary of a thousand dollars in Bali, you can live comfortably.

Bali has pretty cheap accommodation. And food prices can please avid travelers who have been, for example, in European countries. Here you can live all year round and, properly planning the budget, make savings.

Another issue is unlocking all the amenities, which is impossible without having a bank account in Bali. It can be done using our service. You can even open a multi-currency account, where it is extremely convenient to store money.

We will not only advise you on opening an account in Bali, but also help you complete all the formalities in order to minimize the risk of bank rejection. By the way, opening a bank account in Bali takes only 2 days. Agree, quite quickly and conveniently.

Traveling to Bali is easy

So, we told you about the main details when flying to Bali in 2023. And we also shared with you tips that, in our opinion, can greatly facilitate your trip.

Baliving will gladly take over the organization of your trip. Our services are inexpensive and make life easier for travelers. We are constantly developing our service to offer more and more services that can be useful for modern travelers who decide to go to Bali.

By the way, if you still have questions, you need advice on any of our services or life in Bali, write to our Telegram. We are happy to respond to all our customers. Click the button below and ask your question. We are waiting for you on the paradise island of Bali!
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