There are so many things I want to do before the end of my trip to Bali that it's hard to even count. Therefore, in our article today we have compiled for you a list of things that you must do on the island. Read and make your own personal list.

What to do on the island Bali?

Visiting local markets and shops

The first thing that comes to every tourist's mind is shopping. Visit the Ubud market. Here you will find a huge selection of handmade souvenirs, textiles and decorative items. Trading is an integral part of the island's culture, so don't hesitate to haggle smartly. We published an article about what souvenirs are best to buy in Bali.
Try Balinese cuisine

Bali offers a variety of local dishes, such as the inexpensive Mee Goring noodles and the classic Gado-Gado salad, topped with an original peanut sauce. Also be sure to try the aromatic Kopi Bali coffee and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Enjoying sea adventures

The ocean around Bali is a whole world of adventure. Be sure to try ocean swimming at local beaches. And of course, try snorkeling and diving to explore this island's rich underwater kingdom.

Surfing legendary waves

Bali is a surfing mecca and many travelers come here to try their hand at the waves. The island offers surfing options for every skill level, from beginners to professionals. Kuta, Legian and Uluwatu beaches are famous for their amazing surfing conditions.

Excursion to Nusa Penida island

The island of Nusa Penida is located near Bali and is famous for its crystal clear waters, white beaches and beautiful views. Here you can explore places like Angel's Billabong and Kelingking BeachBeach.

Swimming with dolphins

Early morning in Bali is a great time to see dolphins. Many tours offer the opportunity to head out to sea at dawn to see the playful dolphins that often congregate in the region.

Bathing in the thermal springs of Tirtaganga

Tirtaganga is a thermal spring complex where you can relax and enjoy hot mineral baths. This is an ideal place for relaxation and recovery.
Relaxation in spas

Bali is famous for its luxurious spas, where you can try massages and treatments based on local traditions. This is another great way to relax and take care of your health.

Visit to the rice fields of Jatiluwih

Jatiluwih Rice Fields is another place where you can enjoy the beauty of Balinese nature. The area is known for its terraces as well as its mountain scenery. You can walk along scenic trails and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Visit to the Kintamani Hills

The Kintamani Hills provide some of the most stunning views of the lake and Mount Batur. Come here at sunrise to see the sun rise over this beautiful volcano.

Trekking the Telaga Varga Canyon

This canyon is located in the northern part of the island and offers stunning natural scenery. You can hike along the river in the canyon, swim across streams and enjoy waterfalls.

Visit Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples in the evening

These are two more temples located on the rocks above the ocean. They become especially impressive in the evening. You can visit them to watch the sunset and the traditional Balinese kecak dances that usually take place at sunset.

Visit the Monkey Forest Nature Reserve in Ubud

This reserve is famous for its macaque population. A walk in this forest will allow you to observe monkeys in their natural habitat and enjoy the picturesque nature.

How to say goodbye to Bali?

We should also talk about saying goodbye to the island of Bali. The last days on the island are the most important. They often form the main idea of the trip.

Last sunset on the beach

Go to the beach and enjoy the last sunset overlooking the endless ocean. This is a great time to reflect on your trip and take beautiful photos.
Last swim in the ocean

Be sure to take a final swim in the ocean. We especially recommend this kind of swimming a few hours before departure: the sensations will be simply incredible.

Farewell to local friends

If you managed to make acquaintances on the island, take time to say goodbye. Perhaps you have something to say to your friends on the island after an unforgettable holiday.

Last shopping

If you have some free time, try doing some last-minute shopping for souvenirs and gifts for yourself and loved ones. Bali offers many unique souvenirs, you just have to take the time to search.
Try Balinese dishes

Try Balinese cuisine again and enjoy your favorite dishes. This may be your last chance to enjoy the aromas and tastes that have become dear to you.

Complete the list of attractions

If you have any places or activities on the list that you have not yet completed, try to complete them. This could be a hike to a waterfall, an excursion to neighboring islands, or anything else that you would like to do.

Take your last photos

Capture moments in memory with photographs. Photos are very good at preserving travel memories.

Leave a thank you

Thank the staff at the hotel or place where you are staying for their good service and hospitality. This is necessary not only so that a positive impression of the place where you are staying is left in your memory. Such gratitude also creates a pleasant impression of you as a guest.
As you wrap up your trip to Bali, don't forget that you always have the opportunity to return to this magical island in the future.

Bali is a place where dreams come true. Incredible adventures, vivid impressions and magnificent views await you. When planning your trip to this island, be sure to include these important activities in your list to make your trip truly memorable.
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